Introducing Fusion Flavored Salt Trios!

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Our Artisan® Salt Trios have been incredibly popular for some time now (can’t decide on just one sea salt? Go with three! Need a last-minute hostess gift? Trios to the rescue!), and it was just a matter of time until we realized the Fusion salts would make for some knockout trio collections as well.

Fusion Salt Trio

The brand new, just released Fusion Salt Trios are a delicious way to try out some of our all-time favorite Fusion® Flavored Salts, from bright citruses to savory mushroom and truffle flavors to hot and spicy pepper blends. Each trio includes a selection of three full-size Fusion all-natural flavored sea salts, a glass serving tray, and three salt spoons. They’re the perfect way to give the gift of flavor to your favorite home cook, chef, or salt fanatic. Get a head start on the holidays and pick up a few to stash for those last-minute gift needs—you know one will pop up sooner or later!

Still feeling partial to the classic Artisan Salt Trios? Good, because they’re looking better than ever! Newly packaged in a clear display box, our smartly edited collections—Exotic Salts, Finishing Salts, French Salts or Smoked Salts—make for great gifts for those with sophisticated salty tastes.

Which Trio will be your favorite?

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