You should take this with a grain of (sea) salt…

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Bolivian salt chunks

Welcome to the brand new blog of SaltWorks®, Inc., Grain of Salt! A number of us here at SaltWorks will be sharing news, articles, tips, recipes—anything and everything sea salt-related, along with all of the cool things going on here at our Woodinville, Washington headquarters. With over 100 varieties of premium gourmet and bath sea salts available, we should have plenty to talk about, but what we’d like to know is what questions you have for us. Wondering what grey salt is? How to use Kala Namak? Looking for some good bath salt recipes? Let us know, and we’ll likely provide you with much more information than you ever thought existed on the subject of sea salt. And since we’ve been America’s Sea Salt Company® since 2002, we hope you’ll take our information with just a little more than—yep, you guessed it—a grain of salt.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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SaltWorks is America's Sea Salt Company®. With 100+ varieties of gourmet sea salts & bath salts from around the world, SaltWorks is the #1 source for premium specialty salts.

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