How to Grill on a Himalayan Salt Slab

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How to Grill on a Himalayan Salt Slab

It’s officially spring time, where the days are longer and the sun is hotter (kind of)! This means baseball, brews and BBQs! If you haven’t had the chance to grill on a Himalayan salt slab, now is your chance. Grilling on Himalayan salt delivers some of the best tasting meat and veggies we here at SaltWorks have ever had! Don’t get discouraged thinking this sounds too gourmet or complicated, anyone who can grill, can cook with a salt slab. We gave one of our slabs a try this weekend just to show you how fun and easy it is!


When heating your salt slab, think of heating a pane of glass. The slab needs to be heated very slowly so the moisture naturally present in the slab does not evaporate and expand too quickly forcing the slab to crack or break along natural fault lines.

Heating Process

  1. You can start either on your stove top or grill, placing the slab on the cold surface and slowly heating the two together.
  2.  Start by turning the heat to low and let the slab go from room temp to warm, taking about 10-15 minutes to do this.
  3. If using  gas heat, place directly on burner or grill and heat from room temperature to low, from low to medium, and medium to high in 15 minute increments.
  4. If using electric heat make sure there is something between the slab and the direct heat. Either a spring form pan with the bottom popped out or a heat diffusing ring will do. Follow same heating process as with gas heat.
  5. Heat process should take 45 minutes to an hour depending on how cautious one is.  Take extra care when using the slab for the first time to ensure no fractures occur. Once the slab has reached optimum heat (550-600 degrees) drizzle desired cooking oil over slab.
  6. Sear thinly sliced meats, shrimp, scallops, fish or vegetables until desired donenes. Note: the longer food sears on the slab, the saltier it will be. Thick cuts of meat such as, steak, chicken or pork need to be cut thinner to avoid over seasoning or under cooking.  
  7. Once you’ve finished cooking on the slab turn the heat off and let it cool down naturally with the grill (CAREFUL: This baby is H-O-T)


Since salt is anti-microbial (it doesn’t grow bacteria) the slab will technically be considered clean once it has time to cool off and dry.

  1. Once the slab has cooled overnight use a wetted stiff bristle brush and scrape off any stuck on or burnt food.
  2. Let slab dry completely for 24 hours before reusing.
  3. Do NOT hold slab under running water as it will cause the salt to dissolve.


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