Mark & Naomi Visit Suppliers in Europe

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Mark and Naomi recently ventured “across the pond” for European supplier audits in Belgium and Italy. Their agenda was ambitious and included something like 10 flights in 12 days. What can we say, they’re do-ers! So, during their countless conversations filled with technical jargon about salt production, facility tours, and just general salt banter, we all plugged away back at the office and held down the fort. And upon their return last week, we were just happy to see that amongst the crazy schedule, they still managed to squeeze in a few touristy milestones—like waffles! (And they were relieved to see that while the cats were away, the mice did…actually get all their work done! ) 

Naomi Novotny of SaltWorksLooks like they are suited up for some serious touring! That’s Naomi in the middle, the President of SaltWorks, with suppliers in Belgium. 

Suppliers for SaltWorks in Woodinville Washington

These are some pretty expansive (and impressive!) facilities, so it’s a good thing they wore their walking shoes.  


And this is where things start getting technical. Who knew so much production went into sea salt? And this is just the beginning. In the lower photo, that’s Mark in the back, the CEO of our company. He lives for innovation, so this is his cup of tea. Here, they’re discussing how they calculate and eliminate certain grain sizes from batches of salt. 



Mark Zoske of SaltWorks

And here’s Mark again. He’s always happy to offer a little perspective, and might I mention, he’s a bit of a risk taker. 


Let’s not forget where much of our salt comes from: salt ponds! These are the ponds where we get our Mediterranean salt. Notice the birds? They like to feast on the brine shrimp. Ahhh, nature. 


And wouldn’t you know, more discussion about salt. Certainly beats a round table meeting. 


Yes, that is all salt. So what happens when it rains? Not much, actually. It absorbs water, water evaporates, it  happens all over again. No big deal. 


 Hey, it may be work, but when you’re surrounded by this, you’ve got to take a moment to appreciate it! Magnifico! Bellissimo! (This is in Italy, by the way.)


 And look! Waffles in Belgium! Overall, mission accomplished! 


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  • The photos look amazing! It’s so impressive seeing how huge everything is including Mount Salt! I have to admit my favorite is the belgium waffle photo… but that might be because I’m hungry right now. Time to cook dinner with my favorite good ole Fusion salt.

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