Chilled Himalayan Pink Salt Slab w/ Charcuterie & Cheese

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Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt Slabs are a fun, healthy & tasty way to cook & serve. I’ve got one for cooking, but only recently got another for chilling and serving, and it’s my new favorite charcuterie and cheese plate. (As if calling my meat selection charcuterie wasn’t fancy enough, now I’m serving it on a chilled Himalayan Salt Slab? So debonair.)

 Chilled Himalayan Salt Block with Charcuterie and Cheese

Why Use A Himalayan Pink Salt Slab for Meat & Cheese?


Already a salty starter, it’s fair to ask if using a salt plate is overkill. But it’s not and here’s why:


Hard meats and cheeses retain little moisture, so the slab won’t have much liquid to absorb. This means that the slab won’t add much salinity to these varieties. In this case, the slab has more of an aesthetically appropriate appeal that whispers to guests “salt lovers come hither!”


But a cheese board isn’t a cheese board without a soft cheese. Soft cheeses are high in moisture, so the slab will impart more salinity in this case. I used a garlic and herb cream cheese because it isn’t already incredibly salty and the slab complements the creamy richness.


Other Nice Additions To Your Himalayan Pink Salt Slab Antipasta


Include a sweet garnish next to your soft cheese like fig jam, honey or apricots. The lightly salted cream cheese smeared on a cracker or baguette with sweet fig jam is heavenly.


Include something acidic for the meats, like pickles, olives or Dijon mustard.


Don’t forget a vehicle! Go with a thin, mild cracker, like a rice cracker if you prefer crackers. But a baguette or pumpernickel is always a solid choice. Remember, it’s the cheese that should shine!


How to Chill Your Himalayan Pink Salt Slab


1. Place the slab in the refrigerator for at least an hour to lower internal temperature slowly. 


1. Transfer it to the freezer for two additional hours when serving foods that require colder temperatures.


Peruse our selection of slabs, bricks & blocks or just learn more about them here


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