SaltWorks Welcomed Les Dames d’Escoffier for a Private Event

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SaltWorks had the pleasure of hosting Les Dames d’Escoffier Seattle last night for a private event full of salty fun! This organization is made up of a collection of chefs, winemakers, cookbook authors, caterers, chocolatiers, food photographers and consultants who were eager to explore the SaltWorks facility after hours. SaltWorks kicked off the evening with a private tour for Les Dames, where Monica explained the ins and outs of SaltWorks. They got an up close look at our Optically Cleaning process, as well as our in-house smoke and Fusion facilities. Below, Monica shows the difference between salt before it’s Optically Cleaned and after. (This is the part where everyone goes, “Oooh, Ahhh!”)


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Winter Fancy Food Show Recap via The SaltWorks Crew

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Every year SaltWorks looks forward to attending the Fancy Food Show. Typically, we attend one of the two. And although we had a booth at the summer show in New York, we just couldn’t help but to feel like we were missing out if we didn’t attend the winter San Francisco show too.  So, we made a last-minute decision to walk the show and we’re so thrilled we did.   


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Sweet and Salty Dips for Game Day

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While some of the SaltWorks team was away in enemy territory this weekend at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, I stayed home and whipped up some fantastically simple, sweet and salty dips for the big game. The theme of this weekend was everything blue and green, courtesy of our lovely Seahawks, but since I didn’t want everyone to have Smurf mouths, I resisted the urge to make blue food and kept things pretty naturally green.

Game Time Guacamole
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  1. 3 ripe avocados
  2. 2/3 c onions
  3. 2 T cilantro
  4. ½ tsp Lime Fresco Salt (more or less to taste)
  5. ½ tsp Jalapeno Salt (more or less to taste)
Grain of Salt http://www.grainofsalt.com/
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San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show or Bust!

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SaltWorks goes to San Francisco!

Who’s ready to salt San Francisco!? These guys! Yes, we’re venturing into rival territory this weekend but we’re confident it will be worth it! 

San Francisco is hosting the Winter Fancy Food Show where more than 1,300 exhibitors and 18,000 attendees showcase and share the latest and greatest in specialty foods—and we get to taste a lot of it!

If you’re attending, please track us down in the large venue by reaching out to us via Twitter or Facebook. If you’re not attending but don’t want to miss what’s hot in specialty food, we’ll be live Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming, and all that social media jazz! (And  Sunday, find us in the large venue by just follow the Seahawks cheers.)

Join us! (Follow hashtag #WFFS14)

Twitter: @SaltWorksInc

Facebook: SaltWorksSeaSalt

Instagram: SaltWorks_Inc

The Fancy Food show is a great value to us, not only because we get to see a lot of the folks who we work with (and taste the food), but also because it’s the best opportunity to see what trends are dominating the market and how we can better serve our retailers and the food service industry—all while we’re tasting the amazing food. Did I mention we’ll be sampling the goods?

 Matt, Megan, and I will be walking the show clad in our SaltWorks gear. Please come over and say Hi—even if our mouths are full! Odds are, we’ll be discussing which salt would complement it best and digging through our matching purses for a sample, except Matt; he’ll be digging through his man-bag (not pictured).

San Fran or Bust! 



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Morgan’s Mac & Cheese w/ Smoked Habanero Sea Salt

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For last Saturday’s Seahawks game I made homemade Mac & Cheese with Hellfire® Smoked Habanero Sea Salt and Beecher’s Flagship Cheese. It turned out delicious, although it didn’t exactly go as planned. I originally wanted to make Mac & Cheese Cups for the game. I thought it would be great finger food; however, on game day, things don’t always go as planned. Mistakes are made, balls are dropped, but it’s whether you recover that counts, right? The following explains how to make my homemade “Fumble Recovery” Macaroni & Cheese with Hellfire® Smoked Habanero Sea Salt and how not to make Mac & Cheese Cups.


Boiling Elbow Mac – Game Day Jitters

I started my morning out by completely over cooking the elbow macaroni, which by most people’s standards would be means to start over, but I had my game face on and hungry friends were arriving soon, so I marched on.

Constructing the Roux – Fumble at Kick-off

Morgan'sMac&Cheese-2The recipe I was adapting was rather unclear on the construction of the roux so I started assembling it in the pot with the pasta: rookie mistake, to say the least. Use a separate pan. I had my ah-ha moment a little too late and realized what I had done. At that moment I had to decide whether I wanted to scratch the entire ordeal or rise above my miserable macaroni.

 Roux Recovery & Recipe Adaptation

 I looked in my pantry and saw an unopened bag of penne noodles that I decided would do just fine in a normal macaroni casserole. I quickly got right back in the groove, however this time I didn’t over cook the noodles and when it was time to make the sauce, I opted for a separate sauce pan! Novel ideal, I know!

 A Mac & Cheese Champion is Born

 I decided to use Beecher’s Flagship Cheese (one of my personal favorites), Cracker Barrel’s Vermont Cheddar and another blend of provolone and mozzarella. This sauce could have stood up fine on its own with some additions of paprika and salt and pepper, however I wanted to go a step further by adding a few sizable pinches of Hellfire Habanero Smoked Sea Salt.

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